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Who Is The Best Of Them Yahoo Ads Publisher VS Google Ads Publisher


Google Ads Publisher and Yahoo AdPublisher is the largest advertising company in the whole world at the moment of time. These two network people use the most to earn money from their blogs.

google ads publisher vs yahoo ads publisher
            Google ads Publisher vs Yahoo ads Publisher

If you have a blog or website, then this post will prove to be good for you. Google Ads Publisher and the Yahoo ads publisher will not know the difference between this two network and you will know everything on this post. Read this post fully.

Yahoo Ads Publisher VS Google Ads Publisher

Both Google Ads Publisher and Yahoo Ads Publisher are the most widely used in the whole world. Both of these ad publisher blogs or websites have a popular advertising network. If you guys run a blog or website then which of this two Adnetwork is right for you? At large, people use Google Adsense ads on their blog or website to monetize the site. There is a lot of difference between media.net and Google Adsense, so people like Google Adsense. Like Earning of Adsense and media.net Earning is a huge difference. Both of these ads that are different are different. Payment of Adsense and media.net is the same. But the Earning Report makes a difference.

Yahoo Ads Publisher

Yahoo does not have a personal advertising company, but Yahoo and Bing both have made an ad network that is known as media.net.All the bloggers know what is media.net and how it works.media.net as an alternate Google AdSense.

Media.Net Ads Type

  • Yahoo! Bing Network. Contextual Ads.
  • Huge Advertising Pool.
  • Innovative Ad units.
  • Robust Targeting.
  • Customization.
  • Dynamic Optimization.
  • Greater Control.
  • Mobile Ads.

Media.net Account

To get an account or approval of media.net, you must have a blog or website according to the media.net policy. Read some of the following policies:-

  • Your website content must be in English
  • Your website must be at least 20+ posts
  • Must be a good domain name (not a free domain)
  • It is most important to get 10% traffic to your site from USA, Canada, and the UK
  • You do not copy the content of another.
  • It is very important to have 3 pages and that page is About, Contact, Privacy Policy
  • Do not use copyright images
  • Do not send fake traffic

Earning Report

Media.net I do not like the thing that the Earning Report shows up after 2 to 3 days. The earnings report comes late, there is also a reason behind it. The reason for this is that media.net cuts our invalid clicks at once and updates the balance so that our media does not have enough chances of getting the account suspended.

media.net Payment

Every month earning is sent to media.net on 1st day if your $ 100 will be completed. Payments can be taken with help of Paypal and wire transfer. If the income of the whole month gets 100 $ then the payment is sent on the 1st of the month.

Google Ads Publisher

The most commonly used Google search engine is in the whole world.adsense is a Google product that is used in most blogs and websites. Google has more product than Adsense such as YouTube, Google +. Through Google AdWords, you can show your ads to others or run advertising.

Google Adsense Ads Type

  • Text (includes text ads that have been rendered in the “display-like” magazine-style format)
  • Image
  • Rich media
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Animated image
  • Audios
  • Link unit

Google Adsense Account

For the Google AdSense account, you follow the policy given below.

  • You must have 20+ posts on your website in 500+ Word
  • Your website should be a good design
  • Your template or theme should be Adsense Friendly
  • It is very important to have 3 pages and that page is About, Contact, Privacy Policy
  • Link to social media on your website or blog
  • Do not write copyright articles
  • Do not use copyright images

Earning Report

When a website is engaged in Google AdSense ads and clicks on those ads, then earning updates within the AdSense account within 2 to 5 minutes. The number of clicks on your Adsense account is updated on the main balance on 1st of every month.

Google Adsense Payment

Google Adsense send payment on 21st of the month. You get the payment when the balance is updated on the 1st date and it gets $ 100 in your account. You can get the payment with the help of wire transfer.

Google ads Publisher and Yahoo ads Publisher: If you are good at knowing about these two networks, then do not forget to share it on social media.Thank you for the full reading of the post.



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