Do You Know Why SEO Is Important For The Website

Why SEO is important for the website:-Friends, if you are blogging or thinking of doing this, then you should read this post as it will tell in this post why SEO is important for the website. Now, in blogging, more competition has increased, so you must know everything about SEO.

Friends, if you are a new blogger then you should first be aware of SEO what is SEO, how SEO works, how you can SEO You have to know all this, then on my website, you will also find the post. After that, you will understand this post that why is SEO is important for the website.

Why SEO is important

Why SEO is important for the website

There is no blogger who does not want money from his blog. Especially all people in India do blogging to make money. Whether that money is from an ad network or affiliate marketing. If a person does not want money, then he can speak jokes. Just think that if Blogger makes such effort on its site or hosts its site then its money will come. I am not doing any harm to a blogger. I also do blogging to make money. If you do not SEO unless traffic to your site is above and traffic does not come then you will not even earn. I am not saying that you do blogging just to make money. Just work harder money will come to you automatically.

What was the first thing that there was not much competition in blogging, after publishing a little SEO friendly post, she would rank automatically. But now it does not happen that to rank any post, you have to post on page SEO and of page SEO, then your post will be ranked. So it’s important for SEO to rank the post.

SEO is important for the website

Seo will help you rank your site, there is no other way your site can rank. You can also get traffic from social media by sharing your post but you will not get organic traffic. If your site has organic traffic, then your SEO score will be boosted due to which you will be able to rank another post. If you want organic traffic, you need to have On-Page SEO and Of Page SEO in your site and in the post.

I hope you know Why  SEO is important for the website. If you like this information, do not forget to share and thank you for reading this post.

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