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What Is Share Market & How To Invest In Share Market

What is share market & How to invest in share market:- If you do not know what is share market & How to invest in share market, then read this post from beginning to end. This post has all the information about the stock market.

Who does not want to make money in this world? Money is very important to meet the needs of human beings if we have money, we can fulfill our dreams and we do not have money, then our dreams remain the same as dreams.

All people in this world give great value to money. Because you have money then you have the housing wealth is relative and friend is everything. But it is not true at all that you can not buy everything from money, you can buy a lot. But can not buy everything. But still, it can not be denied that there is too much value for money.

What Is Share Market?

what is Share market

There are lots of ways to make money in the world. Some people earn money by doing Job, then some people earn money by doing business and earn money by doing some business. Some people earn money from the shop. There are also some people who earn a lot of money by putting their money on the stake. Where is the place where there is profit also by betting money? And the money is earned. Yes, Friends, such a place is called a stock market or a share market where you can earn a lot of money by investing your money on the stake.

Some basic information about the Share market

At first, talk about what is share market. The stock market and the share market are such a market where lots of company shares are bought and sold. This is where a person makes a lot of money He can also lose a lot of money.

Buying shares of a company means making a partner of that company. You have purchased shares of that company for the amount of money. The owners of the same percentage of you become that company. Which means that it is If there is any profit to the company in the future, then it will be beneficial and profitable, and if there is any loss to the company in the future, then the loss is also to you.

Making money in the share market is very easy. In the same way, losing money in the stock market is equally easy, because the ups and downs in the stock market are very fast.

How To Invest In Share Market

When to buy shares in the share exchange Before buying a stock in the stock market, before you buy this share, you should first increase your experience. When should you invest in what company should you invest your money then you will benefit. Only after discovering all these things do you make any investment in the share market.

You can read the newspaper like Economics Times or see NDTV Business News to find out which company’s shares have increased or dropped in the stock market. From where you get a lot of information about the share market.

How much is the risk in the share market and how to invest in the share market

This is a very rich market. That’s why you should invest here only when your financial position is correct. So that if you have any losses. So you do not have to worry more than that loss. You can also do that in the beginning, you put a little money in the share market so that you do not have to go through a lot of losses further. As you grow knowledge in this field, you will get success as well.

Focus on these things before investing in the share market

First, you should gather a lot of information about this market. Otherwise, there is a lot of deception in the market. Many times it happens that some companies are a fraud and if you buy shares of that company, they make money. So that company runs away by taking money from everyone. And all the money you put in it is wasted. Therefore, before purchasing shares of any company, you must check the details of the background of that company well.

How the shares are bought in the share market 

Talk about how the share is bought in the share market. To buy stock in the share market, you have to create a Demat account. There are also 2 ways of this,

1-You can go to a broker and open your Demat account.

2- Another way is by visiting a bank and opening your Demat account.

If you want to open your Demand Account from a broker, then it is You will be benefitted greatly in that. Because one will manage it well, you will get support from the other. Secondly, according to your investment, it keeps you well organized and you can invest your money. To do this, they also do some charge, some even take a commission from you.

what is a Demat account

The Demat account I keep the money of our shares. The way we open an account in a bank and keep our money in it, in the same way, if you are investing in the share market then it is very important for you to have a Demat account. Because after the profit to the company you All the money you get in cash goes to your Demat account and not in your bank account. The Demat account is linked to the savings account. You can transfer money to your savings account whenever you want from a Demat account.

To create a Demat account, you must have a savings account in any of your banks. You can copy the PAN card for proof. You can make photocopies of Aadhaar card for address proof.

Where are the shares bought and sold

The stock exchange needs to buy and sell shares. Man 2 share exchange in India. It is bought and sold on Bombay Stock Exchange ie BSE and National Stock Exchange ie NSC.

These brokers are those, these people are members of the stock exchange. We can buy and sell shares only through them. We can not buy or sell any shares directly in the stock market. If you want to earn a lot of money in the share market then you should get complete information about it first. Without any information, if you invest in it, there is a high risk of loss

Friends, in this post, you have a very basic thing about the share market, what is share market, how the shares are bought in them and where they are bought, you have come to understand. If you like this post, then share this post on social media.