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What Is Event Blogging ? And How Can You Do This ?

Event Blogging When we first come to the field of blogging, then we get to hear about the event blogging. We are then confused about what is event blogging, how can weblogging events or not? The question comes in front of us like this, so today all your questions will be answered on this.

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Friends, whatever you have in event blogging with your blog on this article, everything will be cleared and on this article, you will also get some event blogging tips which will prove to be very good for you.

What Is Event Blogging And How Can You Do This

What is event blogging? When a blog is written by taking a festival, it is called Event Blogging, as if it is coming forward Diwali and targeting Diwali, the cable is written on it, it is called event blogging. About 20 to 25 posts are written in this blog. All these posts are written by taking a single topic which is above the top of what the destination is targeting. Event blogging does not require much effort. There was less effort and more earning. So many people like event blogging and do blogging.

Why people like to

In the case of event blogging, it is hard work, whatever else is the way to do blogging. On the other hand, the hard work and money that people spend on their blogging, according to their hard work, they are less likely to do so. So those people make a lot of money at the same time through event blogging. You are wondering how to earn so much money. Let me remove these questions from your mind. Imagine that the new year is coming, and you search Google for sending a new year’s Shayari image to your friends by visiting the new year’s image and visiting a website. Download So think about how many people will be able to search it all over the world. If your site ranks on the first page of Google, then you can not think that you will earn so much money.

How Can You Do This

First of all, bloggers used blogging to write blogs, then came the event blogging script. Script means that a friend sends you a link on your Whatsapp when you click on that link, a special message shows, and some ads are also seen. The same message is created with the help of a script. That message was made money by viral. But now it is unthinkable to do so in India that just a few days ago, there has been a big update of AdSense only for the users of All India. According to the rule of that update, now all sites will have to be verified with Adsense and the first people used to create a script and make ads show but now it will not be so. The only way to event blogging is through the blog.

Event BloggingTips

If you are thinking about blogging the event, tell these tips or whatever you say, keeping in mind the matter, you have to the event.blogging.First of all, if you want to create a blog by taking in the Festival Target, then you will have to buy the same festival name as a HappyNewer2019.com or Happy-New-Year. You need to buy a similar domain name. You will make your blog 5-6 months ahead of the Festival which you will be creating in the blog and it will be important that the domain name age is also important. After updating your blog in the present time ie i.e. the update, write 20+ posts and apply for the application. You must also use a little black hat SEO on event blogging. You will have to buy backlink to buy a backlink to your blog will be ranked. The most important thing is, what platform do you blog on event blogging in WordPress or Blogger?.

Which is Best of WordPress and Blogger.com for Event Blogging

What happens in event blogging is that if your site is ranked then traffic will be overwhelming. If your site is on WordPress and your WordPress is good enough that VPS hosting is not as powerful, then WordPress will not be able to handle this much traffic and your site’s server will be down. If your site is on Blogger.com then Blogger is a Google product and any traffic that comes to Blogger.com can easily manage those traffic. So it is up to you to decide which one you want to create a blog on. In this, you recommend the people that you can be blogging events only on Blogger.

So I hope that people know what is event blogging and how you can blog blogging events. Friends Another thing that people do not work on event blogging script Adsense will not approve that site. If you love reading this article, do not forget to share it. thanks for Visit Aao Sikhte Hai.