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The Best 5 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies Online

Do you like to watch online movies on Fmovies. If you like to watch movies then the best website is fmovies. But sometimes the fmovies server keeps down so how can you watch movies. So on this post, 5 best movie websites have been chosen for you, which is almost the same as that of fmovies. Then you read this post fully.

fmovies This is an online movie or show streaming website, it has been made on India. This site is the most popular in India. This site has Monthly Traffic 261k. You might have understood how popular this website. So in this post, you will tell about 5 sites like fmovies, you will know about all those sites that you read this post.

5 best websites that are exactly like fmovies

I hope you enjoy this website which is the best alternative to fmovies. As much as I am aware of all this website, there will be no problem with this. But sometimes these servers also down. All these websites are free and You can watch full movies online without downloading for free. You can see TV series in all these sites just like fmovies. So let’s know about fmovies similar sites.

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Movies Download Sites

Fmovies First AlternativeYesMovies”

YesMovies This is a wonderful website, it is slightly different from fmovies but the content that is exactly the same.YesMovies This website is made in India, in which you get to see all kinds of movies and shows. Also, all these shows or movies are seen in action, comedy, horror. Here you have to watch every new movie. As in India, the Avengers’ endgame movie has not been released, but that movie will also get there. That’s why this website is special and at the top of the list. You’ll like to visit the site of YesMovies once.


Lookmovie is an Amazing website to watch shows or movies by streaming. This is also a good alternative to fmovies. This website is built in the USA. This website is the most popular in the USA. The interface of this site is really awesome. In this, you will find almost every Hollywood movie. Monthly traffic of this site is about 5.5 million, you can estimate how good this site is. I think this site is quite good, you may also like it.


BMovies are also an amazing website. The interface of this site is almost the same as lookmovie. You get the same content on Bmovies as you get on fmovies. This site has been built in India, therefore this site is also popular in India. This site has Monthly Traffic 2. 5 million. This site also has to see the latest Hollywood movie show. This site will require high-speed internet to see movie shows, otherwise, you will have a little bit of trouble.


CMovies is an Amazing Site, this site is as popular as Fmovies. This site has also been built in India and the monthly traffic of this site is approximately 6 million. According to the traffic of this site, you can get an idea of how popular this is. The interface of this site is almost the same as the Bmovies and Lookmovie. Cmovies are the best alternatives for fmovies.On this site, you get good content from all the sites. You will definitely like this site once you visit this site.


If you watch online movies or shows then you may have heard about GoStream or have gone to that site too. Gostream is the largest site where you can watch online movies. This site is built on the USA and this site has monthly traffic of more than 10 million. The interface of this site is like 123movies.On this site, you will get the same content as you can get on Fmovies.

I hope you like this info and you might have figured out what is the best option for fmovies. If you like this information, do not forget to share this post on social media. Thanks for reading this post.