Do you know how to start a blog for free

Do you know how to start a blog for free? You must have understood this post on how to start a blog for free. I want to tell you that if you are intrigued in blogging and you have to do blogging or have to learn to blog then this post will be good for you.

There are some users who want to write a Blog but they are a student and they do not even have the money to buy a domain. If you are a student then you can understand how much money matters to the student. So I will try to understand how to start a blog for free.

how to start a blog for free

                 how to start a blog for free

What is a blog: The short form of web blog is the blogA blog is a website where you can write your opinion, information or communication on a regular basis to others. People used to write a diary in the olden days, but if they write something on the Internet today they are called blogs. There are many types of blogging sites such as, WordPress, Tumblr and also blogging site. The person who writes the blog is called a blogger.

how to start a blog for free in blogger is a Google product that will get you the hosting of Google and get a free domain. If you want to start a blog for free, then the best platform is You can start your blog here, if you really want to blog, you can earn money by doing it here too. You can apply Google Adsense after writing 20 to 25 posts in it but pay attention to one thing that you do not connect any third party free domain with your blog, otherwise, your blog will not rank and Google Adsense does not even have Approved Will give.

how to start a blog for free in WordPress

If you are thinking that blogging will be done free in WordPress, then it is not possible. The reason for this is that in free hosting and free domains, you can never rank your site. I already tell you that you can not do free blogging in WordPress.If you want to learn WordPress in free hosting and free domain then it can be.

free web hosting

By searching for free hosting in Google, you will get a lot of results but this is the best in 000webhost. You can get free hosting from this and connect your domain to install WordPress.An important thing is that these hosting companies do not approve the .tk domain and will approve everyone else.

free domain name

There is a lot of websites where you will get free domain names but the most popular is Free nom.In this you get some type of domain name like .tk, .ml, .You can take the domain from this site and connect with your hosting. From free nom, you can take unlimited domain names for free for 1 year.

You can start a blog at only if you want to free. You can learn to build a site in WordPress by using free hosting and free domain names on WordPress.I hope you understand how to start a blog for free. If you like this information then do not forget to share this post on social media.

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