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How To Setup VPN On Android Mobile With Easily


How To Setup VPN On Android-Do you know what is VPN and how to setup a VPN on android mobile. If you do not know about all this, then this post will prove to be very helpful for you. Read this post till the last you will know everything about VPN.

how to setup vpn on andriod
how to setup VPN on android

In the simplest way, I will explain the way VPN is what it means and How To Setup VPN On Android, PC or laptop. Everything in detail about VPN is explained in this post.

What is VPN (How To Setup VPN On Android)

The full form of a VPN is Virtual Private Network. Suppose you use the Internet, you would have taken your internet connection from some company from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that may be JIO, Airtel, Vodafone. Through either of these, you will have to have your internet connection either to your home or to mobile. Now you have to mind what you have to go to google.com, what do you do simply that you typing on your computer or mobile google.com then this request will go first to your ISP and the ISP will reach your request to Google’s server. In this case, it can block your Internet Service Provider between you will not let you go to Google’s server. So in this way, you can get help with VPN.

how to setup vpn on andriod
                        how to setup VPN on android

Suppose you have to go to google.com but your isp is stopping you from going to Google’s server then you send the request to your server via IP or from server to VPN server even if it is USA, Canada. isp gives you permission, When you are connected to a virtual private network, you can send a request to their server. In this case, you will be able to get your ASP in it so that you have asked for permission to go from your isp to VPN and you will know what ISP in the server But if your isp is it can track what site visited which cookie has sent a request to go from your isp to another IP and your VPN IP will be present near your isp

How To Setup VPN On Android Mobile

VPN You can also set up free and also set up in the pad. It is up to you to decide who you want to set up a VPN. Now the question is how will you set up VPN in android and how to setup VPN on pc or laptop. So it is easy to setup VPN in everyone today, according to today that the application of VPN is still for android and pc. You can access the Virtual Private Network through the application. In this post, I will not tell you about any application that the VPN is correct in one way and is also wrong in some way.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using VPN

There is also some advantage of using a VPN and there are some disadvantages, so let me first tell about the benefits of how people use VPN for more, they access the blocking site via VPN. The biggest disadvantage of this is that you will have to visit which site your ISP can track.

Friends, I hope you understand how to setup VPN On Android mobile. If you love reading this post then you share this post on social media and have some questions, then comment.



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