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Earn Money With The Help Of Buysellads. Hey…dear my name is Samanta today I am going to tell about you can earn money from If you want to know about all this, then read this post. You will know everything about buy sell ads.

If you are reading this post then you may have a blog. In this post, I will try to tell you how you can make money from buysellads. You will need to be a requirement to earn money from buy sell ads. You will find all this information in this post.

What Is

Buysellads is an advertising provider company. You can use this company as an alternative to Adsense and sell Ads is a big company that provides good advertising. Buysellads Provides Native and Display Advertising Because of which income is more. If you place ads in the right place.

How you can use buysellads

If you have a website and your site is not approving Adsense or Or both of this ad network have become suspend or disable, then you can earn money using a buy-sell-ads ad network. You can earn a lot of money by monetizing your site traffic on buy and sell ads. You can use as alternatives to Google Adsense and

What to do to earn money from buysellads

To earn money from, you must have a blog or a website. The content of your website should be good and unique, due to which buy sell ads will not be late in approving your site. If the content of your site will not be unique or copyright content then you will not get approved from least 25-30 posts on your site should be public and 50k traffic comes monthly with easy approval.

How to register in


It is very easy to register in buy-sell-ads. You will need an email id. Enter your name and password then put your site title in place of the company. After filling everything up, I have to right on Agree to the terms and click on create an account. A verification link will be sent to your email, you will have to verify if your account will be ready.

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How to add a site to buy sell ads

You can follow some steps to add a site. All these steps must be done carefully or else the problem may be encountered later.


First, you need to login to your buy-sell-ads account. Please enter your registration email and your password and enter login.



After logging in, the image you got in front of you will come. You will have to click something like a small arrow in front of your email ID. After that, you have to click on the publisher dashboard.


After that, a page of Property will appear in front of you, you have to click Submit property. As soon as you click, you will go to the next page

Buy Sell Ads
                              Buy Sell Ads

When this type of page comes in front of you, then fill the information on the site you want to apply for Approved.

  • Site title
  • URL of the site without http://
  • Some information about your site on site description
  • Your site category like -education, technical, food and drink, spots
  • What language your site is in
  • Average Monthly Impressions(requirement 50K)
  • If you are using another adnetwork

All you have to do is fill up correctly and then click Submit. Within 2-3 days an email will be sent on behalf of buysellads whether your site has been approved or not. If your site is fit according to the buy-sell ads policy, then your site will get Approved.

I hope you liked this information and you might have understood how you can make money from buysellads. If you like this information, do not forget to share this post. Thank you for reading this post fully.

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