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How To Write A Bonafide Certificate Application Just Few Moment


How To Write a Bonafide Certificate Application. Do you know how to write the bonafide application? If you Don’t Know then read this article fully.you will know everything of the certificate application.

Bonafide Certificate

    Some information about “Bonafide Certificate

Do you Know what is the Bonafide Certificate? If you do not know about this Certificate, then just know a little bit. If you know what Bonafide certificate is, then there is no need to read this point.If you do not know that this is done then read this post fully. You will understand everything, if you miss any point, then you will not understand.

What is the Bonafide Certificate:-

Many people are confused about what is a Bonafide certificate. Many people know this certificate by different names. Some people have a certificate but they think that they do not have it but those people have it. This certificate is known as domicile certificate but people are confused that these certificates are the same or different. This certificate is called the (मूल निवास) in Hindi.

Why is Needed:-

The requirement for this certificate is for a lot of work. But this is essential for the students of Domicile certification. These certificates also work in many ways for students. At present, non-resident students of this certificate need to apply for their scholarship.


           Write  Application For Bonafide Certificate


(your College Name)


      Sub:-Request For Issuance of Bonafide Certificate

      Respected Sir/Madam 

I Am (your Name) and I have been the student of this College nice (write the year you have been port institute) in (specify your course)

                       I need of a Domicile Certificate proof of Residence for applying for my Scholarship (mention Name the reason)

             Kindly Provide me with the Bonafide Certificate. I will be very thankful to you. 

Your truly:- Your signature

(Your Place)


So in this way you can apply for Domicile Certificate. So I hope you guys would love this information and you know that there is an application for the bonafide certificate. If this information is good, do not forget to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this post.

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