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Which is the best platform from Blogger vs. WordPress

Which is the best platform to blogging Blogger vs WordPress? You will know in this article what is best to blogging Blogger vs WordPress.Companion in both of you will give you the best information. What platforms do you want to blog in Blogger.com or WordPress?

blogger vs wordpress
blogger vs WordPress

I will tell you blogger vs WordPress which is right for you. Which of the two platforms would you work on? So let’s start comparing blogger vs WordPress.

Which is the best  Blogger vs. WordPress?

Both Blogger and WordPress are great for blogging, but there is something special and there is some bad thing about both. Whatever the difference between Blogger vs WordPress, you will find out in this article. Friends Some features are not in WordPress, then they are in the blog. The features that are not on the blog are on WordPress.So let’s make a comparison between these two.

What are the features in the blogger.com that are not in WordPress 

Blogger.com is a Google product that is good enough and safe too. There is a danger of ha***ng a site on WordPress but there is no danger of ha***ng on Blogger. On Blogger.com, you get the certificate of free SSL for a lifetime. The site of WordPress has to buy SSL certificates. On blogger.com you can get the host site free for lifetime. You can host WordPress every year for payment. If you want to work in a site like an Event Blogging, then WordPress cannot maintain heavy traffic, but if you have a site on Blogger.com, it will take care of traffic.

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What are the features in the WordPress that are not in Blogger.com 

At around 90% of the site is built on WordPress, you can imagine how well WordPress is.WordPress helps a lot to rank sites and posts. If your site is on Blogger.com, then the biggest risk is above your Adsense account. If your site clicks on Adsense ads above the top of your site, your account will be suspended. But there are some plugins in WordPress that will not let this happen. If you have a site in WordPress, who knows how many times you click on your ADS and know of the IP address and take action on it.WordPress does a lot of help in SEO but does not help much in SEO on Blogger.com.

So in the Friends hope to know what blogging is the best platform in Blogger vs WordPress.In most of the documents, we recommend that you host your site on Blogger vs WordPress at WordPress.Friends, if you would love to read this post, then you do not forget to share it and if there is a shortage of this post, then you can comment. Thanks for Visit Aao Sikhte Hai