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Best AdMob Alternatives For Android Apps With High Ecpm

If your google AdMob or AdSense account has been suspended and you are searching AdMob Alternatives then read this post fully. Here’s information about Admob Alternatives which will prove to be very helpful for you. Top 5 AdMob alternatives are currently available at the time of which you can use the ads on your android application to monetize the application.

On this article, I am going to give you information about “StartApp” which is the best Admob alternative. I think Admob is the best alternative in it because of its use of StartApp for nearly 2 years. There is no problem in it, but in that case, you will not share those apps with some privacy.

Admob Alternatives
Admob Alternatives

Best AdMob Alternatives

If your admob account has been suspended, you can use StartApp as an Admob alternative. I will not say that it is better than AdMob.The reason for this is that AdMob is a very big company which is the best ad network for the application all over the world. But if some of the AdMob accounts are suspended, then you think about Admob Alternatives.StartApp gives a little bit of money to Admob, but according to the other adnetwork, it is only good.

AdMob Alternatives StartApp

This ad network is also a good company, you get good ECPM. You also get banner ads interstitial ads and native ads at StartApp.You can run advertisements in the application of android and ios at startapp. Payment is sent to the 1st of every month, if you complete your $ 50 then you are sent payment on the date. startapp is an Indian company which is quite popular according to AdMob alternative. In this, you can get paid with the help of PayPal and Wire Transfer.

StartApp referral

At the startapp, you get the Referrers logo that you do not get in Google Admob. You can earn money easily by referring your friends. You will refer to your friends and join them with your links, the more you earn your friends, the more you will get a higher percentage. So this is the best Admob alternative in India.

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Friends, I hope you know that Google Admob Alternative in India will be right for you. If you love reading this post then do not forget to share it with your friends